David and Walter Telethon to Support CDVTA

Dear Friends, old and new:

We trust this email finds you all well during these unprecedented times. 

As many of you know, we are faithful supporters of CDVTA, a Cameroonian NGO that provides support to elders, woman, and children in the most remote villages of North West Cameroon.  It was founded by our friend and brother, Francis Njuakom.  In January, 2018, we spent nearly a month in Cameroon visiting 13 of the 20 plus villages in which CDVTA works – and we plan to go back when travel is safe.  It was a life changing experience.  We know firsthand the vital service that CDVTA provides including bringing drinkable water and electricity, building latrines, education and economic empowerment, etc.

We invite and encourage you to tune into a virtual telethon hosted by our US colleagues from iN2L and Banko Design.  It will be held in Atlanta on October 22nd at 7pm EST. The purpose is to raise funds to help CDVTA continue its vital work. 

Here is a link to the event: supportCDVTA.com

Here is how you can help:

  • Simply watch the show.  It will be a mix of inspirational stories of what is going on with Cameroon with some fun, with music, and with unique entertainment
  • Share details about the event to people you know
  • You can of course donate.
    You will see donate links once you click on supportCDVTA.com.

Special thanks to the Global Ageing Network (an affiliate of LeadingAge national) for being the 501c3 to accept and pass along 100% of the donated funds and allowing anyone who donates to receive a tax deduction

Thank you so much, 
David and Walter