Director's Foreword


Welcome to our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, which describes a clear and compelling vision for the future and provides a clear framework within which our strategic objectives can be achieved. 

This strategic plan comes at a critical time for Cameroon and the world. Indeed, the COVID-19 crisis that is hitting the world and Africa represents one of the greatest threats that humanity has known in the past three decades. Beyond the many health risks posed by this pandemic, COVID-19 is already aggravating poverty and, in the long term, could multiply inequalities in Cameroon as in the rest of Africa, thus pushing millions of people into extreme poverty.

This strategic plan presents a new perspective informed by the priorities and orientations raised during the strategic evaluation of 2019. It incorporates the subjects that have emerged in recent months both in terms of organizational development and the expectations of communities. It challenges our thinking and will change the way we operate today, but it is realistic and builds on the excellent reputation for which we are recognized locally and nationally. As always, the plan incorporates the views of all of our key stakeholders, our staff and, most importantly, the views of our beneficiaries.

Throughout this 2025 strategic plan, CDVTA foresees a society where All Generations work together for people in need while improving solidarity and impacting rural communities. At CDVTA we focus especially on disadvantaged people, those living in fragile communities, the very ones who have not had much luck in life and who ask only one thing in life; receive a helping hand, own and sustain it. Some of them are elderly people without families and others are disabled people (men, women, young people, and children). More importantly, they all are people who face many barriers and inequalities than others. Dedicating our mission to assist them is our vocation and commitment and this flame burns in everyone within CDVTA. 

To achieve these aspirations, CDVTA is now enabling an improved service delivery approach for new and existing beneficiaries, as we are reinforcing our capacity for the future while ensuring effectiveness and organizational development. This strategic plan is based on three levels, including but not limited to, the need to establish innovative partnerships with leading organizations carrying out activities in new communities for joint projects. In doing so, the organization ensures that it can impact the greatest number of communities with people with disabilities, children and women in distress by systematically; strengthening their capacities, being by their side in defending their rights, assisting them in the creation and strengthening of their income-generating activities and promoting innovative approaches for resilient agriculture. The strategy will enable CDVTA and its partners to ensure sustained independent implementation of future activities, in a bid to contribute to and address several United Nations sustainable development goals.

Francis Njuakom
Director, CDVTA