Our Thematic Areas of Intervention

Innovative resilient agriculture and vertical farming technology

CDVTA promotes innovative approaches for resilient climate-adapted food systems and vertical farming for improved crop production in rural communities.

To achieve this, CDVTA continues to;

  • Strengthen farm management systems as well as promote innovation and adaptation of practices for food security in rural communities.
  • Strengthen the bio-cultural-heritage as the basis of local production systems, recognizing the close interdependence between traditional knowledge, biodiversity, landscapes and customary practices.
  • Protect farmlands and preserve natural ecosystems
  • Help farmers thrive by promoting regional/local economy and transformational activities
  • Encourage incentive diverse approaches to sustainable farming
  • Promote the use of organic waste to build soils on farms
  • Encourage learning and experimentation through adaptive and collaborative systems
  • Adapt new technologies like vertical farming to increase agricultural productivity in rural communities
  • Strengthen farmers' capacity through promoting skills and knowledge necessary for managing their businesses 
  • Improve farmers’ capacities in adapting their activities to climate variation crop and vegetable production
  • Assist rural farmers to identify and develop the most suitable farming best-practices
  • Promote and support group farming demonstrations for experimentation at community level
  • Train farmers and farmer-households on vertical farming technology for innovative sustainable on-farm production of low carbon vegetables for food and income