Our Thematic Areas of Intervention

Education and socio-economic empowerment of women, children and persons with disability

CDVTA will continue to focus on enhancing education and opportunities for disadvantaged children, adolescent girls, youth and women through;

  • Facilitating disabled children's access to basic education as the foundation for further training and employment
  • Empowering women with disabilities, to access and have choices and control over economic opportunities
  • Influencing power holders to fulfill their obligations under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities
  • Working for more inclusive communities 
  • Tackling stigma and discrimination against people with disabilities

This strategy ensures that our interventions impact the greatest number of communities with people with disabilities, children, adolescent girls and women in distress by systematically; 

  1. Strengthening their capacities
  2. Being by their side in defending their rights, 
  3. Assisting them in the creation and strengthening of their income-generating activities, 
  4. Contributing to and addressing several United Nations sustainable development goals.